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About the author

I first realized my interest in photography while working for a local newspaper during high school. I came to love the journalistic style of photography and the presentation of a black and white photograph. I remember purchasing my first SLR camera from a pawn shop for $35 when I was 16 years old. Working for the newspaper allowed me access to sports and community news and best of all a darkroom in which to learn the developing process. It wasn’t long before I set up a darkroom of my own in the bathroom of the old house I spent my childhood years in. Night after night, I would bring in my next roll to see if I had that “perfect shot”.

Much has changed since those long nights in the old house. In 1988, I joined the Army and began to experience different cultures both home and abroad.  The lessons learned through these experiences have proven invaluable; however, during most of this time, I did not pursue any serious photography.

In 2004, while serving my second tour in Iraq, my passion for photography was rekindled. I purchased a Canon Digital SLR set with several L Series lenses and once again began to work the shutter.

I am often asked many questions about my photographs, so I decided to develop a free photography lesson website to help others become better photographers and get hooked on my beloved hobby. May your time behind the camera be as rewarding as mine.