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Photography Lesson 1 – Types of Cameras

Let’s begin by rebuking the theory that you must have the latest, most expensive camera on the market to produce quality pictures. This is simply not true, as many camera platforms produce quality photographs. What is important, is that you know type of camera you have and what its limitations are. This lesson will be brief as I am not going to cover the types of cameras in great detail so as not to bore you with technical jargon. I just want you to have a general idea of what’s out there on the market. Following, are the pros and cons of each camera we will discuss today.

The first type of camera we will discuss is the point and shoot. The point and shoot cameras of today are certainly much better than the film pointers of yesteryear. Most of them are now digital and pack a fairly powerful punch and some will down right astonish you.


  • Usually small and lightweight
  • Low to moderately priced
  • Preset picture modes


  • Slower speeds
  • Less individual control
  • Usually limited ISO
  • Generally more noise in photos

Another type of camera we see often is the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR). This is  the camera you normally see on the sidelines at sporting events, weddings, and in the hands of the amateur who wants more control over his or her photographs. One of the biggest differences with the DSLR over the point and shoot is the ability to change the lenses to suit a particular photographic need.

Another major difference is how the camera operates. In the point and shoot, the image through the lens sits directly on the digital sensor in the camera. This is why you are able to use the display screen on the back of the camera to focus. With the DSLR, the image hits a mirror and then reflects into the viewfinder on the camera for focusing and framing your picture. When you push the shutter button on the camera, the mirror raises and allows the image to make contact with the digital sensor or film, thus allowing a photograph to be created. The pros and cons of the DSLR are as follows:


  • Much more control over your photography
  • Faster speeds to shoot with
  • Greater range of ISO (speed of the film)
  • Usually less noise due to larger sensors


  • Moderate to high pricing
  • Heavier, not as easy to carry around
  • Camera kit can become quite large
  • Requires more time to master (but oh so worth it)

The market is now also producing what I call a hybrid camera. The hybrid camera contains features of both cameras mentioned above and can certainly have some uses for those of us who need something in between. I will not spend alot of time on the hybrid simply because the most important thing for you to learn is your camera and what it will do. With that said, here’s the first homework assignment.

Homework Assignment:

  1. Locate your camera manual and familiarize yourself with it.
  2. Determine if it is a point and shoot, a DSLR or a hybrid.
  3. Use your manual to determine the location of and how to change the following:
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • How to change from RAW format to jpg or tiff (depends on the camera) if applicable

Do not worry. If you don’t understand some of the language above or below, I will cover most of these topics in detail later.

Once you have completed the homework assignment come back for another free photography lesson.

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