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Welcome to Free Photography Lessons. This site provides tips and techniques for beginning photographers to produce better photographs. If you have questions not covered in the lessons you find please feel free to email your question.

If this is your first visit here, then you should begin by reading our privacy policy. Then, choose the Lessons 1-10 and get busy learning. I am beginning with the very basics, so if you are more advanced, come back often as the lessons will continue to get more difficult. Topics that will be covered here are as follows:

  • Camera Basics
  • Advanced Settings
  • How-To Themes
  • Digital Processing


The Educational Design is as follows:

  1. Narrative Block of Instruction – (this will deliver the photography lesson being discussed)
  2. Sample Photographs – (when applicable, sample photographs demonstrating the lesson will be posted)
  3. Homework Assignment – (very important to complete, as this will apply what you have learned)

Let me emphasize the importance to complete one assignment at a time. It is imperative to complete the homework assignment before moving along to the next lesson as this will reinforce the lesson and make you a better photographer. Do not rush through the assignments, there is no timeline to finish. It is much more important that you learn each photography lesson thoroughly before moving on.

With that, welcome again to Free Photography Lessons. Let’s start learning!